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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why should the adjective "ancestral" not be used in a study of poetic phenomenology, according to Bachelard?
(a) It is too easily used and explains nothing.
(b) It creates a confusion of familial memories.
(c) It casts a pall of oldness and staleness over a poetic image.
(d) Poetic phenomenology is always of the future.

2. What does a phenomenologist look for?
(a) Sexually-obsessed behavior.
(b) Observable facts or events.
(c) Poetic inspiration.
(d) New theories.

3. Valery's knowledge of geometry failed him in what regard?
(a) The ability to understand how a bird constructs a circular nest.
(b) The ability to understand how the earth circumnavigates the sun.
(c) The ability to understand why a mollusk coils to the left or to the right.
(d) The ability to understand the scope of nature.

4. What is contained within Milosz's corners?
(a) Objects remembered by a dreamer in solitude.
(b) Cobwebs.
(c) Poetic images.
(d) Memories of childhood.

5. What, in the opinion of Bachelard, moves the dreamer into the world of infinity?
(a) Paradox.
(b) Phenomenology.
(c) Boundaries.
(d) Immensity.

6. Outside and inside space are like a mixture of what two concepts, in the opinion of the author?
(a) Cold and heat.
(b) Life and death.
(c) Being and nothingness.
(d) Past and future.

7. Bachelard theorizes that an observer must pass through what sort of threshold to experience an inversion of perspective?
(a) A threshold from present to past.
(b) A threshold of a doorway.
(c) A threshold from metaphysics to psychology.
(d) A threshold of absurdity.

8. Which French scholar envisioned a fortress town based on the spiral design of shells?
(a) Robinet.
(b) Bachelard.
(c) Palissy.
(d) Michelet.

9. What is forgotten by Milosz's cynical character?
(a) Everything.
(b) Childhood memories.
(c) Recent happy times.
(d) Nothing.

10. What are two opposing truths introduced by Bachelard in "Corners" regarding corners?
(a) Corners can be real or imaginary.
(b) One can be at peace in a corner or can be cornered there.
(c) Corners can be clean or neglected.
(d) Corners can be solid or weak.

11. What is the paradox of an old forest, as explained by the author?
(a) A forest seems real and concrete yet fantastic.
(b) A forest is frightening yet offers a sense of security.
(c) It seems infinite within its own boundaries.
(d) A forest is old but contains new saplings.

12. Which is the best description of Diole?
(a) Psychologist and ontologist of under-sea life.
(b) Scientist and entrepreneur.
(c) Pnemonologist.
(d) Poet and painter.

13. The cynical character created by the poet Milosz reminisces where?
(a) In church.
(b) In a tree.
(c) In his palace.
(d) In a boat.

14. For the Ancients, the shell is a symbol of what?
(a) The hut.
(b) The creation of earth.
(c) The human body that encases the soul like an envelope.
(d) The origin of man.

15. Bachelard cites Michaux's poem "Shade-Haunted Space" to illustrate what?
(a) The significance of unuttered words and unfulfilled intentions.
(b) Geometric reasoning.
(c) Man is a surface being.
(d) Man is a half-open being.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the words of Bachelard, a mollusk that weighs fourteen pounds but with a shell that weighs five hundred or more pounds can be described in what way?

2. Baudelaire used the term "vast" to describe what?

3. Bachelard believes that, for Baudelaire, immensity is a category of what?

4. Bachelard believes that philosophers are condemned by their equals to live on which floor of a house, metaphorically speaking?

5. Who used a tree to evoke a sense of grandeur that magnifies to the tree's surroundings?

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