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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author proposes that loving the space in a house that opens to anywhere is an example of what?
(a) Objective irony.
(b) Schizophrenia.
(c) Desire to move to a new house.
(d) Poetic irony.

2. A home of other days is an example of what for Bachelard?
(a) Memories lost in a filing cabinet.
(b) Poetic irony.
(c) Lost intimacy.
(d) Abandonment.

3. What do poets create, according to Bachelard, to transcend conflicted night dreams?
(a) Poetic daydreams.
(b) Poetic descriptions of the night.
(c) New resolutions to nightmares.
(d) New memories.

4. Who wrote of "La Redousse"?
(a) Rilke.
(b) Bosco.
(c) Baudelaire.
(d) Bachelard.

5. Psychoanalysis of artwork is primarily an analysis of what?
(a) Mental stability.
(b) The personality of the artist.
(c) Market value of art.
(d) Isolated poetic images.

6. For Bachelard, breaking from the principles of scientific prudence is necessary in order to do what?
(a) Relax at home.
(b) Understand causality.
(c) Establish a metaphysics of the imagination.
(d) Study psychoanalysis.

7. How does Bachelard say we experience a house buried in a blanket of snow in what way?
(a) As a baby in a cradle.
(b) As a butterfly in a chrysalis.
(c) As a warning of death.
(d) As a universal child from centuries earlier.

8. According to Bachelard's topoanalysis, what term can be used to describe city apartments?
(a) Ultra-cellars.
(b) Superimposed cellars.
(c) Ultra-boxes.
(d) Superimposed boxes.

9. What does Bachelard identify as the fatal flaw of locked boxes?
(a) Locked boxes prevent intimacy.
(b) Locks can be broken and trick boxes can be figured out.
(c) Locked boxes defy discovery.
(d) Locks give negative energy to a house.

10. Which is the best description of "La Redousse"?
(a) A humble house with no apparent resistance on a hillside above the city.
(b) A massive house, well fortified and on a hillside above the city.
(c) A massive house, well fortified and set alone on an island.
(d) A humble house with no apparent resistance set alone on an island.

11. Central to the argument in "The House, from Cellar to Garret . . .," which statement is most indicative of cellar fears?
(a) Cellar fears take longer to fade, and remain tentative and unknown.
(b) Cellar fears may be reasoned away.
(c) Cellar fears precede mental illness.
(d) Cellar fears indicate childhood trauma.

12. What does a metaphor present?
(a) An intangible object described in full detail.
(b) A tangible object as an intangible notion that is otherwise difficult to express.
(c) A tangible object described in full detail.
(d) An intangible object as a tangible notion that is otherwise difficult to express.

13. Why does Bachelard disagree with Bergson's metaphor of drawers to describe the human brain?
(a) Items get lost in drawers.
(b) He wonders how reason determines which drawer should contain each new object.
(c) He wonders how objects would be retrieved from the drawers.
(d) A chest of drawers is finite, while the brain's capacity is infinite.

14. The philosopher Minkowski conducted an analysis of what?
(a) Causality.
(b) Beingness.
(c) Reverberation.
(d) Poetic imagery.

15. How does Bachelard describe images that attribute human qualities to a nest?
(a) Inane.
(b) Obvious.
(c) Astute.
(d) Childish.

Short Answer Questions

1. As explained by the author in "Drawers, Chests and Wardrobes," what value does an image have that a metaphor does not?

2. How is a nest connected to the foliage of the forest according to the author?

3. What is Bachelard's metaphor of the chrysalis?

4. The works of Henri Bosco feature what areas, featuring connected passages with the possibility of escape?

5. The author believes that a well-drawn representation of a house inspires observers to do what?

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