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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Phenomenology of Roundness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As stated throughout "The Poetics of Space," what must one do in order to take a fresh approach to the process of imagination?
(a) Dephilosophize.
(b) Embrace ontology.
(c) Reject science.
(d) Embrace childhood memories.

2. Why is the city house no longer cosmic for the author?
(a) The city house, or apartment, is usually not one's childhood home.
(b) The city house, or apartment, has no verticality because elevators have replaced stairs.
(c) The city house, or apartment, has no intimacy because it shares common walls.
(d) The city house, or apartment, has no security because too many people live too close together.

3. Bachelard believes that philosophers are condemned by their equals to live on which floor of a house, metaphorically speaking?
(a) Stairways.
(b) The attic.
(c) The cellar.
(d) The ground floor.

4. As understood by Bachelard, a house features which two seemingly conflicting dimensions?
(a) Height and width.
(b) House and home.
(c) Poetry and science.
(d) Unity and complexity.

5. Egg, nest, house, country, and universe are images of what, in the opinion of Bachelard?
(a) Poetic fancy.
(b) Wonders of nature.
(c) The universe.
(d) The inhabiting function.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bachelard theorizes that dreams of nests inspire what?

2. In the opinion of Bachelard, a corner is a place of what sort of motion?

3. Who created the tiny character Tom Thumb?

4. Bachelard believes that what must flow within in order to appreciate the dream process?

5. Who claimed that only the image can keep up with the changes of nature?

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