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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Intimate Immensity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The cynical character created by the poet Milosz reminisces where?
(a) In a boat.
(b) In a tree.
(c) In his palace.
(d) In church.

2. As understood by Bachelard, a house features which two seemingly conflicting dimensions?
(a) House and home.
(b) Unity and complexity.
(c) Height and width.
(d) Poetry and science.

3. According to Bachelard's topoanalysis, what term can be used to describe city apartments?
(a) Ultra-cellars.
(b) Superimposed cellars.
(c) Superimposed boxes.
(d) Ultra-boxes.

4. How does Tom Thumb's stature become believable?
(a) Via personal experience.
(b) When seen through a magnifying glass.
(c) Via words in the pages of a book.
(d) When described relative to a grain of dust.

5. What is another word for ontology?
(a) Psychoanalysis.
(b) Causality.
(c) Beingness.
(d) Poetry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does every corner or angle in a house symbolize for Bachelard?

2. Why does a conchologist classify shells?

3. What, in the opinion of Bachelard, moves the dreamer into the world of infinity?

4. Central to the argument in "The House, from Cellar to Garret . . .," which statement is most indicative of cellar fears?

5. In many countries, insists the author, tiny-ness is the center of what?

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