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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Intimate Immensity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bachelard identify as the fatal flaw of locked boxes?
(a) Locked boxes defy discovery.
(b) Locks can be broken and trick boxes can be figured out.
(c) Locked boxes prevent intimacy.
(d) Locks give negative energy to a house.

2. What does a phenomenologist look for?
(a) New theories.
(b) Poetic inspiration.
(c) Observable facts or events.
(d) Sexually-obsessed behavior.

3. Poetic imagery is real, according to Bachelard, even though it is not subject to what?
(a) Rules of grammar.
(b) Rules of the marketplace.
(c) Rules of logic.
(d) Rules of household order.

4. A phenomenologist considers what regarding a house?
(a) The spiritual flow between rooms and levels.
(b) Drafty places which lead to pheumonia and other respiratory complaints.
(c) All the ways in which an individual inhabits his vital space.
(d) Paranormal presences.

5. Poets, states Bachelard, use words to bring together what two entities?
(a) Inside and outside.
(b) Individual and universe.
(c) Past and present.
(d) Earth and sky.

Short Answer Questions

1. Childhood is held motionless, states Bachelard, by dreaming of what?

2. What are resonances as defined by Bachelard?

3. As explained by the author in "Drawers, Chests and Wardrobes," what value does an image have that a metaphor does not?

4. Who created the tiny character Tom Thumb?

5. Who claimed that only the image can keep up with the changes of nature?

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