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The House

This vital space is possessed of personal images and concrete reality.

The Cellar

This is considered always dark, shadowy, and in harmony with irrational underground forces.

The Garret

This is the space just under the roof which functions as the main source of protection from the elements such as rain and snow.

The Hut

This is a primal image of man alone facing God without any worldly riches and is symbolic of man keeping vigil.


These are called concepts or ready-made garments by Bergson, into which he classifies knowledge or thinking.


These are used by Bachelard to indicate a relationship between the small box structure and the psychology of secrecy.


These are used by Bachelard as a metaphor to indicate the center of order in a house.


These are used by Bachelard in combination with other images to illustrate the function of...

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