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Dream House

Draw or describe your ultimate dream house.

How's the Weather?

Write a short essay considering the following questions: 1) Do you view your home as cozier when the weather outside is severe? 2) What images, such as a special blanket or a mug of hot chocolate, symbolize childhood coziness for you? 3) Do those items or similar items continue to offer coziness now that you are older?

Childhood Revisited

Write a few paragraphs about an early childhood memory that is intimately connected with your childhood home. Incorporate as many images, colors, smells, touch, and other sensory memories as possible.


Conduct an informal poll among at least five family members and/or friends, to learn the three qualities they would consider as most important in the construction of their dream house. Are their responses similar or varied? What conclusions might you draw from their responses?

Symbiotic Relationships

In "Shells...

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