The Poetics of Space Character Descriptions

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Gaston Bachelard

This person recognizes his acquired knowledge in science is inadequate to understand the poetic imagination.

The Poet

This person uses words to bring together the earth and the sky.

The Metaphysician

This person is an intellectual philosopher, who may be surprised by the daring of a poet who uses words for sensitivity rather than precision.

The Phenomenologist

This person considers all the ways or shadings in which an individual inhabits his vital space.

The Psychologist

This person, due to scientific training and bias, ignores the realm of human behavior exhibited in fantasy images.

The Psychoanalyst

This person is a scientist of the mind, who intellectualizes the poetic image.

The Conchologist

This person is a scientist that specializes in the study of shells.

C.G. Jung

This person is a psychoanalyst who uses the example of a prudent man who checks the attic for a suspicious noise...

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