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• Gaston Bachelard, author of The Poetics of Space, is considered to be one of the leading philosophers of Europe.

• Bachelard spent most of his career as a scientist then shifted his attention to literature and poetry, exploring a reality that is not subject to reasoning.

• Bachelard states that the poetic imagination cannot be studied by following rationalist methods of science.
• A poetic image has its own ontology according to Bachelard, and it is not explained or caused by something else but readily understood by others.

• The onset of an image in individual consciousness is a form of phenomenology according to the author.

• Bachelard believes that image comes before thought in the phenomenology of the soul, and poetry is a commitment of the soul.

• Bachelard defines resonances as external, or that which we hear. He defines reverberations as internal, or that which we say.
• Psychologists try to describe...

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