The Poet Short Essay - Answer Key

Michael Connelly
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1. In the opening chapter, Jack McEvoy learns something disturbing about his twin bother. What is the news and how did it happen?

Jack McEvoy is informed that his twin brother Sean is dead. According to the police, Sean committed suicide while parked in his car at Bear Lake.

2. Who were the news bearers? How were they related to Sean? Where did they work?

The men that inform Jack are Harold Wexler and Ray St. Louis. They worked under Sean in the Crimes Against Persons Unit (CAPS) in the Denver Police Department.

3. Jack has a flash back to a previous time. What was the situation between Jack and Sean?

The brothers had gathered at Pints of, a cop bar to talk about Sean's obsession with the Lofton case. Jack was concerned about Sean.

4. Sean explains a cop's life to Jack and discusses a particularly disturbing subject. What is the subject?

Sean relays to Jack about the concept of "the limit." Each homicide cop has a limit on the number of dead bodies he could see before the cop is forced to retire or becomes so mentally disturbed that he "eats a bullet."

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