Daily Lessons for Teaching The Poet

Michael Connelly
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-10)


The book opens with Jack McEvoy being notified of his brother's death. Examine Sean's death to learn more about the victim and his work.


1. The book opens with the death of Sean McEvoy, head of the Crimes Against Persons Division of the Denver Police Department. Discuss Sean's death, including the location and how it affects his family and co-workers. What are the immediate reactions of those close to Sean? What are the details of the opinions held by Jack, Wexler, and St. Louis? Do you agree with any of them? Explain.

2. Sean McEvoy was a brother, son, husband, cop, and father-to-be. Write a bio on Sean McEvoy. Include as much detail as possible including Sean's relationships, thoughts about police work, and obsession with his job.

3. Compare and contrast Jack and Sean McEvoy. Were they fraternal or identical twins? Did their opinions vary widely on important...

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