The Poet Fun Activities

Michael Connelly
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Read Edgar Allan Poe's Work

Read Edgar Allan Poe's work to better understand the references contained in the book. Which is your favorite?

Write a Poem

Write a poem in the style of Poe. Do you agree that Poe is often morbid?

Create a Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using information from the book. Be creative!

Take Pictures

Use a disposable or digital camera to take fun candid pictures of people in class. Create a bulletin board to share!

Read Poe's Biography

Read Poe's biography to learn more about his life and work. Also examine legends and the mysterious traditions that take place at his graveside.

Create Clues

Create cryptic clues for classmates. You can use any type of poetry in the clue but it has to be relevant.

Learn about the FBI

Learn about becoming an FBI agent. How is it different than working with the...

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