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Michael Connelly
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Essay Topic 1

It is noticed early on that the Poet used quotes from famous works by Edgar Allan Poe. Examine Poe's influence on the Poet and the murders, why the Poet chose Poe and how the connection was discovered. Were all of the quotes famous? What other poet might have worked as well as Poe? What does the choice say about the killer?

Essay Topic 2

Examine Jack's relationship with his parents. What could Jack do to repair the relationship? What caused the rift? Which side is right? What could Jack's parents do to improve the relationship with Jack? How did the parents relate to Sean and Riley?

Essay Topic 3

Would the story have had a different impact if the killer had used quotes from another poet? What other kinds of clues might the killer decide to leave at the scene of the crime? Discuss well known cases in...

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