The Poet Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Chapters 1-10

• Jack McEvoy is informed that his brother is dead.

• Jack recalls a night with Sean at a bar.

• Sean talks about "The Limit."
• The Theresa Lofton case is discussed.

• The Lofton case became Sean's obsession.

• Jack goes along with two cops to notify Sean's wife of the death.

• Jack wants and needs to write about Sean's death.
• William Gladden is introduced.

• Gladden watches kids at a merry-go-round.

• Jack visits the library to do research.

• Jack starts to investigate the Lofton case.

• Jack goes to Bear Lake to analyze the scene.
• William Gladden is scared away from his child watching activities.

• Gladden attempts to elude police but is arrested.
• Jack reads everything he can about the Lofton case.

• Jack plants the seed of doubt in the mind of Wexler.
• Gladden goes to court and meets his attorney.

• Gladden is released on $50,000 bail.

Chapters 11-19

• Jack arrives in...

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