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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the condition of the monastery after 2 years under the care of Prior Philip?
(a) The monastery is dirty and unkempt.
(b) It is self sufficient and morale is high.
(c) The monks are hungry and the monastery in ruins.
(d) It is in dire straits.

2. Why does Lord William Hamleigh dismiss Tom and his stonemasons?
(a) William decides to move to a different town.
(b) William's engagement is broken off.
(c) William decides to live in his father's castle.
(d) William finds a cheaper builder.

3. What is Prior Philip's biggest problem at his small monastery?
(a) Archdeacon Waleran
(b) William Hamleigh
(c) Francis
(d) Peter of Wareham

4. What do the accusers do as the young man hangs from the noose?
(a) They stare at the gallows.
(b) They turn and ride away.
(c) They jeer the person who screamed at the prisoner's death.
(d) They laugh at the dead man.

5. What transpires when Tom and his quarrymen arrive at the quarry to start getting stone?
(a) The men refuse to work and go on strike.
(b) William Hamleigh's men are mining the quarry and will not let Tom enter.
(c) They find the quarry has been mined out.
(d) They mine plenty of stone to begin the cathedral.

6. What impresses Prior Philip about Tom's plans for the cathedral?
(a) His detailed calculations of cost, time, and labor
(b) Tom will work for room and board.
(c) The cheap cost for materials he would use
(d) His intricate, costly designs

7. Where do Aliena and Richard intend to go after their escape?
(a) To Salisbury
(b) To Kingsbridge to seek Prior Philip's help
(c) To the forest where no one can find them
(d) To Winchester to find out where their father is

8. What impresses Tom about Ellen's son, Jack?
(a) He gives Tom's family his portion of food
(b) He has impeccable social graces.
(c) He is able to hunt ducks with a stone and a sling.
(d) He offers the guests food before taking any for himself.

9. As Aliena plans the escape from William, what does she pack to take with her?
(a) A bottle of ale
(b) A loaf of bread
(c) A sword and dagger
(d) A pouch of silver

10. What does Agnes tell Tom when she brings him his lunch?
(a) She is leaving him.
(b) She found a weaving job.
(c) She is going to visit her sister.
(d) She is pregnant.

11. Where do Aliena and Richard discover their father is being held?
(a) In a cave
(b) In prison
(c) In a church basement
(d) In the monastery

12. What does the thief steal from Tom's family?
(a) A loaf of bread
(b) A sack of gold coins
(c) A pig
(d) A mason's tool

13. How many men show up to work on the cathedral?
(a) 25
(b) 500
(c) 100
(d) 1000

14. Why are the boys terrified at the moment of the prisoner's death?
(a) Their mothers chase them with switches.
(b) The person the prisoner was staring at drops to the ground, uttering a curse.
(c) Their fathers come to take them home.
(d) The prisoner's dead eyes stare at them.

15. What does King Stephen decide about the ownership of the Shiring quarry?
(a) Kingsbridge owns the quarry.
(b) The Hamleighs own the quarry but Kingsbridge has the rights to mine the quarry.
(c) Waleran owns the quarry.
(d) King Stephen owns the quarry.

Short Answer Questions

1. To where does Abbot Peter transfer Prior Philip?

2. What action does the person take who screamed at the prisoner's death?

3. What do the young boys of the village admire the most?

4. Why do three men ride behind the prisoner?

5. What is one of the first things Philip does in his new priory?

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