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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5: 1152 - 1155.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What transpires when Tom and his quarrymen arrive at the quarry to start getting stone?
(a) They mine plenty of stone to begin the cathedral.
(b) They find the quarry has been mined out.
(c) The men refuse to work and go on strike.
(d) William Hamleigh's men are mining the quarry and will not let Tom enter.

2. What does Waleran tell William would be an ideal insult to Philip?
(a) If William married Aliena
(b) If William injures Philip in public
(c) If William were confirmed as earl in Kingsbridge Cathedral
(d) If William takes Jonathan as his own son

3. What happens to Philip's and Waleran's relationship after Philip makes a compromise with the Hamleighs?
(a) They become close partners.
(b) They become enemies for life.
(c) They become indifferent to one another.
(d) They become close friends.

4. Where is Tom's third child born?
(a) In a frozen forest
(b) In a church
(c) In a monastery
(d) In a warm cottage

5. What happens to Tom's baby son after his birth?
(a) Tom leaves the baby behind.
(b) The baby is too weak to survive.
(c) The baby is killed by a wolf.
(d) The baby dies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the master quarryman that Tom hires?

2. What does Aliena consider when she goes to the tallest tower of the cathedral?

3. What is the favorite event for the young boys who gather in the marketplace?

4. Who does Philip find hiding in Earl Bartholomew's castle?

5. What is the economic situation of Shiring while William is the earl?

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