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Prior Philip improves the fortunes of this monastery and sets his monks to work making goat cheese, which becomes a delicacy. This is the same monastery to which Francis brings the abandoned baby Jonathon.

Aliena's Dagger

This item's owner inherits this item from her father, straps it to her upper arm and hides it beneath her clothing.

Priory of Kingsbridge

At the beginning of the novel, this place is in a state of disrepair. Philip takes over its management building a new cathedral and a market. A town grows up around this area.

Earlscastle at Shiring

This building is taken over by the villainous Hamleighs. Aliena vows to get it back.

Shiring Market

This is the most prosperous business in the land until Philip competes with it.

Kingsbridge Market

This business springs up around the busy cathedral construction site.

The Weeping Lady

This wooden statue of the...

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