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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the group do when they reach the Wicket Gate?

2. What do the men find when they kill the giant?

3. What does Mercy dream her first night in House Beautiful?

4. What is the purpose of the commemoration?

5. Who saves the group when they are threatened outside the Gatekeeper's house??

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom does the group ask to join them and what is that person’s worry?

2. What does the group see when they pass the spot where Christian met Sloth and his friends?

3. What happens to the group when they leave Goodwill’s house?

4. What happens when the group is on Enchanted Ground and who meets them at BeulahLand?

5. How is the group greeted at House Beautiful? What kind of dream does Mercy have?How long does the group stay?

6. What does the group’s rescuer tell them and where do they go next? What do they see there first?

7. What does the group see as they come to House Beautiful and how did Christian deal with it? How does Great Heart deal with it?

8. Why does Christiana decide to go on a journey?

9. What happens to the group shortly after leaving Vanity?

10. Where does the group lodge in Vanity? Why do they stay there? What happens with his two daughters?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following regarding the literary technique of the dream sequence that is employed in The Pilgrim's Progress:

1. What is a dream sequence in narrative literature? How does this term apply to the narrative in The Pilgrim's Progress?

2. What are the advantages of employing a dream sequence or frame in a novel? What are the disadvantages?

3. What does the frame of the dream sequence say about the content of the story itself?

Essay Topic 2

Many readers of fiction place themselves in the position of one character, considering whether or not they would do the same thing as that character. Discuss the following:

1. Do you think one of the values of literature is to serve as a reflection of oneself? Why or why not? Do you think that John Bunyan's beliefs and life are reflected in The Pilgrim's Process? If so, how?

2. Socrates said "Know thyself." How can reading a book such as The Pilgrim’s Progress help a reader to know him/herself? In what ways do you find yourself reflecting on your own character and abilities when reading The Pilgrim’s Progress?

3. Choose one specific incident in The Pilgrim’s Progress and compare a character's response to how you think you would respond. Would you respond differently to the circumstances? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Christian represents the common man, who is faced with the question of what will happen to him after death. He is disturbed by images of Hell and chooses to leave his home and family to seek salvation. On the journey, he meets Evangelist, who acts as his spiritual guide. Christian shows his weaknesses in often being detoured from his goal by the forces of evil.

1. Christian is a universal, everyman character even today. To be human is to wonder about death. Discuss how Christian’s images of Hell might represent the universal fear of death. Use examples from The Pilgrim’s Progress and your own experience to support your answer.

2. Discuss the weaknesses and strengths that Christian shows on his journey. Present and analyze examples from The Pilgrim’s Progress to support your answer.

3. Do you think that the “lesser sins” such as sloth or dishonesty are as detrimental to a person’s psyche as the more felonious ones? Why or why not? Use examples from The Pilgrim’s Progress to support your answer.

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