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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the group shown as they climb the hill after leaving the Interpreter’s house?
(a) Places where other pilgrims got married.
(b) Places where other pilgrims faced difficulties.
(c) Places where other pilgrims had parties.
(d) Places where other pilgrims were led by angels.

2. What is the group of pilgrims first shown at the Interpreter’s house?
(a) The same images Christian was shown.
(b) The Holy Scriptures.
(c) How to use a sword.
(d) The clothing they need to wear.

3. Why do Christiana’s four sons stay in Beulah?
(a) They continue having children.
(b) They have not reached a state of Grace, yet.
(c) They want to see their grandchildren.
(d) They are too young to die.

4. After they have left the shepherds, what did the man at the mountain do before he met the group?
(a) Married.
(b) Killed robbers preying on pilgrims.
(c) Started a pilgrimage.
(d) Killed the Giant Despair.

5. How do the people of Vanity feel about the group of pilgrims?
(a) They are grateful towards them.
(b) They are indifferent to them.
(c) They are suspicious of them.
(d) They are angry at them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the group of travelers on the second morning at the Interpreter's house?

2. What is the group lectured on when they stop for the night after meeting Honest?

3. With whom does the author have a conversation with to justify the second part of the book?

4. What does Mercy ask Christiana in the beginning of Part 2?

5. What giant does Great Heart defeat on the way up the hill?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the group see when they pass the spot where Christian met Sloth and his friends?

2. What happens to the group in BeulahLand?

3. Why do they need a doctor and what does the doctor give Christiana?

4. What does the group see as they come to House Beautiful and how did Christian deal with it? How does Great Heart deal with it?

5. What does the group’s rescuer tell them and where do they go next? What do they see there first?

6. What hill did the group climb and what were they shown as they approached House Beautiful?

7. What do the men of the group do? Who marries James? Who marries Matthew?

8. What does the Interpreter show the group that he did not show Christian?

9. What happens when the group gets to the Wicket Gate?

10. What happens to the group in the morning at the Interpreter’s house and what does he do before the group leaves? Where are they going next?

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