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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who protects Christian from the arrows of the Devil?
(a) Shining Knight
(b) A dragon
(c) Angels
(d) Goodwill

2. What does Christian call heaven?
(a) Heaven
(b) God’s Abode
(c) The Golden Village
(d) The Celestial City

3. Why does Bunyan use the allegorical approach in writing this book?
(a) So he can make up a lot of fake creatures
(b) In the hopes people will not be offended by the work
(c) He is not a fiction writer
(d) In order to appear to be very religious

4. What did Shame say to Faithful?
(a) It is shameful to eat when others are hungry
(b) There is nothing shameful in the world
(c) It is shameful to leave one’s spouse
(d) It is shameful to admit one’s sins

5. What kind of revelation does Christian have?
(a) About his wife’s current activities
(b) How to keep his children safe
(c) About death and hell
(d) About a new invention

Short Answer Questions

1. From what city are Formalist and Hypocrisy?

2. What do the people of Vanity want to do with Christian and Faithful?

3. Who meets up with Christian and Hopeful?

4. What is the solution to where Christian is stuck?

5. How might Christian and Hopeful clear up their situation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Worldly wise suggest to Christian and how does that turn out?

2. What does Evangelist tell Christian about Worldly Wiseman and what does Christian ask Evangelist? What is Evangelist’s answer to Christian’s question?

3. What is at the top of the mountain? Who is there?What do they ask Christian?

4. What happens to Christian and Hopeful after the flood on By Pass Meadow blocks them from leaving?

5. What city do Christian and Faithful enter? What is there that happens all year?What happens to Faithful and Christian?

6. What does Faithful tell Christian about why Faithful is there?

7. What story does Christian tell Hopeful and the person in question 23?

8. Where does Christian meet Timorous and Mistrust and why is it nightfall before he gets to the top of the mountain?

9. What must Christian and Hopeful cross to reach the Celestial City and how does Hopeful help Christian?

10. Who do Christian and Hopeful meet after they leave the shepherds? What does that person say to them?What is Christian’s response?

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