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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Christiana have for illness when they leave House Beautiful?
(a) A sack of herbs
(b) A waterskin filled with a potion
(c) Holy Water
(d) A box of pills

2. What are the names of Christiana’s sons?
(a) John, Matthew, Mark and Peter
(b) Matthew, Samuel, Joseph, and James
(c) Mark, Samuel, Matthew, and James
(d) James, Mark, Paul and Matthew

3. What is the group shown as they climb the hill after leaving the Interpreter’s house?
(a) Places where other pilgrims faced regrets
(b) Places where other pilgrims faced fears
(c) Places where other pilgrims faced difficulties
(d) Places where other pilgrims faced sorrows

4. About what does Christiana begin to wonder?
(a) Christian’s journey
(b) The meaning of life
(c) Her own salvation
(d) Christian’s salvation

5. Who becomes the group’s conductor?
(a) St. Paul
(b) Safeman
(c) Great Heart
(d) White Knight

6. Who stops the group as they leave the Gatekeeper’s house?
(a) Two men and a woman
(b) Three men
(c) Two men
(d) A crowd of people

7. What are they told they did wrong when they left the gatekeeper’s house?
(a) They should wait for full daylight
(b) They should have gotten some weapons from the gatekeeper
(c) They should not be dressed like pilgrims
(d) They need a conductor

8. What does the group do at Enchanted Ground?
(a) Goes to sleep
(b) Tells each other jokes to stay awake
(c) Bypasses Enchanted Ground
(d) Tries to wake two pilgrims

9. What is the basis for Mercy’s worry as the group sets out?
(a) Matthew has been looking at her friend Miriam
(b) She has never thought herself lovable
(c) She has not received a specific invitation
(d) They have not heard from Christian for a while

10. What do the people who stop the group as they leave the Gatekeeper’s house threaten?
(a) To steal the group’s money
(b) To sexually assault Mercy and Christiana
(c) To keep them from the Celestial City
(d) To beat and jail them

11. How long does the group stay at the place where they stop for the night?
(a) 1 year
(b) 1 month
(c) 3 months
(d) 2 weeks

12. With whom does the author have a conversation with to justify the second part of the book?
(a) With Interpreter
(b) With the author’s minister
(c) With the book itself
(d) With a Shining One

13. Why is the man at the place where he meets the group?
(a) He sprained an ankle climbing
(b) He has run out of food
(c) He was inspired by Christian
(d) Evangelist sent him there

14. Where does the group stop for the night after meeting Honest?
(a) Spirit Place
(b) The Great Cathedral
(c) Gaius’s Inn
(d) Holy Spires

15. What does Mercy dream her first night in House Beautiful?
(a) She is welcomed in Heaven
(b) She will have many children
(c) She has a long way to go yet before she can enter Heaven
(d) She will marry Matthew

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the group do when they reach the Wicket Gate?

2. With whom does the author meet at the opening of the second part of the book?

3. What is the Interpreter’s relationship to Great Heart?

4. Whom does Mr. Mnason know in the group?

5. What does the person who joins the group worry about?

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