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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Ignorance at the Celestial City?
(a) He never makes it to the gates.
(b) He is turned away.
(c) He has to take an exam about all the laws he followed.
(d) He is taken in because God forgives everyone who asks.

2. What did Shame say to Faithful?
(a) It is shameful to eat when others are hungry.
(b) It is shameful to leave one’s spouse.
(c) It is shameful to admit one’s sins.
(d) There is nothing shameful in the world.

3. What does the person who protects Christian from the Devil’s arrows tell Christian to do next?
(a) To return to his home and get his wife.
(b) To ignore Evangelist.
(c) Spend the night in the Wayfarer Inn.
(d) To go up the path on the mountain.

4. From where does Ignorance say his salvation comes?
(a) His brilliant mind.
(b) He claims no one needs salvation.
(c) By following all the laws.
(d) His own heart.

5. How often is the Vanity Fair held?
(a) Every other month.
(b) Once a year.
(c) Twice a year.
(d) All year.

6. What do Christian and Hopeful do with Atheist?
(a) They turn away from him.
(b) They sit and talk with him.
(c) They beat him up.
(d) They try to convert him.

7. What happens to By Ends at Lucre Hill?
(a) He is arrested for stealing.
(b) Nothing, he never goes there.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He becomes rich.

8. With what crime are Faithful and Christian charged by Vanity?
(a) Disturbing the town.
(b) Stealing from the merchants.
(c) Resisting arrest.
(d) Preaching without a license.

9. What does Talkative tell Faithful and Christian?
(a) He will only talk on the day after the Sabbath.
(b) He will only talk about his family and friends.
(c) He cannot stop talking.
(d) He rejects all pointless conversations.

10. How do Christian and Hopeful keep awake on Enchanted Ground?
(a) Singing.
(b) Pouring water over their heads.
(c) Telling stories.
(d) Yelling at one another to surprise each other.

11. What do Christian and Hopeful pass on the way to Lucre Hill?
(a) The Plain of Ease.
(b) The Pit of Oblivion.
(c) The River of Comfort.
(d) The Primeval Forest.

12. About what does Evangelist warn Faithful and Christian?
(a) There is very dry country coming up.
(b) There are wild beasts in the woods.
(c) Keeping the company of Talkative.
(d) The city they are about to enter.

13. What do the shepherds give Christian and Hopeful?
(a) Enough food to last to the City.
(b) Two swords.
(c) A map.
(d) A set of wool blankets.

14. Where does the black man lead Christian and Hopeful?
(a) Into a trap.
(b) To some more shepherds.
(c) To an inn for dinner.
(d) Closer to Celestial City.

15. What does Christian call Heaven?
(a) The Great Beyond.
(b) The Celestial City.
(c) The Golden Village.
(d) God’s Abode.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Christian and Hopeful tell Ignorance?

2. What mountains do Christian and Hopeful reach?

3. Why does Christian think they should go into the By Path Meadow?

4. What is wrong with the giant Pagan?

5. Who pulls Christian out of the muck when he accidentally becomes trapped after setting out on his journey?

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