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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Christian and Hopeful confused shortly after talking about Little Faith?
(a) There are two equally straight paths before them
(b) They encounter a village that should not be there
(c) They encounter a large group of people talking to them all at once
(d) There is a cross road with four paths

2. What is the solution to where Christian is stuck?
(a) A gangplank
(b) A boat
(c) A rope swing
(d) A set of stairs

3. How do Formalist and Hypocrisy get on the mountain path?
(a) Through the Wicket Gate
(b) By climbing a different hill
(c) Through a hole in the fence
(d) They came down the river

4. Where do the shepherds tell Christian and Hopeful not to sleep?
(a) Any where in the caves
(b) In Doubting Castle
(c) On Enchanted Ground
(d) On the banks of the LetheRiver

5. What reason does the author give for writing The Pilgrim’s Progress?
(a) He is bored
(b) He wants to make money
(c) His mother has suggested he write it
(d) He wants to teach people about salvation

6. What does the person who protects Christian from the Devil’s arrows tell Christian to do next?
(a) To return to his home and get his wife
(b) Go up the path on the mountain
(c) To ignore Evangelist
(d) Spend the night in the Wayfarer Inn

7. Who meets Christian and Hopeful on the other side?
(a) Jesus
(b) Shining Ones
(c) Saint Peter
(d) God

8. Whom does Worldly Wiseman want Christian to meet?
(a) Rules and Regulations
(b) Lawyer and Judge
(c) Kindness and Obstinate
(d) Legality and Civility

9. From what city is World Wiseman?
(a) Humanity Haven
(b) World Peace
(c) Pernicious Place
(d) Carnal Policy

10. Whom do Christian and Hopeful meet in the By Path Meadow?
(a) The Lamb of God
(b) The Lion of Temperance
(c) Vain Confidence
(d) No one

11. What is the first thing Christian is shown after leaving the area of the Devil’s Castle?
(a) A woman playing a harp
(b) The inside of a church
(c) A set of robes
(d) A portrait of a man

12. Whom does Christian meet after leaving the area of the Devil’s Castle?
(a) Know Much
(b) Interpreter
(c) Evangelist
(d) St. George

13. With what is Faithful charged in Vanity?
(a) Not paying the entrance tax
(b) Accusing the town of having a false religion and bad morals
(c) Hitting a man in the face
(d) Meeting in secret with Christian

14. How is By Ends described?
(a) As someone who will stick with someone to the bitter end
(b) As someone who is good company
(c) As a man who only supports religion when it is popular
(d) As a man with sky blue eyes

15. With what crime are Faithful and Christian charged by Vanity?
(a) Disturbing the town
(b) Preaching without a license
(c) Stealing from the merchants
(d) Resisting arrest

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Christian and Hopeful enter when they leave Enchanted Ground?

2. What happens to Little Faith in Christian’s story?

3. What does By Ends think is possible?

4. What does Christian ask Evangelist?

5. Which two neighbors follow Christian when Christian leaves his home for a journey?

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