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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Christian and Hopeful do with Atheist?
(a) They sit and talk with him.
(b) They try to convert him.
(c) They beat him up.
(d) They turn away from him.

2. Why is the Valley of the Shadow of Death scary for Christian?
(a) He enters it at night.
(b) He knows there is a dragon there.
(c) He has forgotten which way to go.
(d) He is afraid to die.

3. What does the dust in the room represent?
(a) How to not clean a house.
(b) The elements of which a human is made.
(c) A dead human body.
(d) A man’s soul.

4. Whom does Christian meet after leaving the area of the Devil’s Castle?
(a) Know Much.
(b) Interpreter.
(c) Hopeful.
(d) Evangelist.

5. With what crime are Faithful and Christian charged by Vanity?
(a) Disturbing the town.
(b) Preaching without a license.
(c) Resisting arrest.
(d) Stealing from the merchants.

6. What does Christian’s family say when he tells them about his revelation?
(a) They are very enthusiastic.
(b) They say he is crazy.
(c) They are dubious.
(d) They are impressed.

7. What did Shame say to Faithful?
(a) It is shameful to admit one’s sins.
(b) It is shameful to leave one’s spouse.
(c) It is shameful to eat when others are hungry.
(d) There is nothing shameful in the world.

8. Why might the waters to cross be shallow for a pilgrim?
(a) The greater someone’s faith the more shallow the water.
(b) It depends on the season when a pilgrim reaches the water.
(c) Fear can induce the waters to recede.
(d) The height of the pilgrim makes a difference.

9. What does Christian do to try and save himself?
(a) Decides to never leave his house.
(b) Eats nutritional food.
(c) Devotes himself to reading and prayer.
(d) Asks his older brother to protect him.

10. How is By Ends described?
(a) As someone who will stick with someone to the bitter end.
(b) As someone who is good company.
(c) As a man who only supports religion when it is popular.
(d) As a man with sky blue eyes.

11. What is the name of the key Christian uses to escape the giant?
(a) Promise.
(b) Power.
(c) Gift.
(d) Spirit.

12. What does Evangelist tell Christian he must do to save himself?
(a) He must follow his wife’s instructions.
(b) He has to leave the City of Destruction.
(c) He does not have to do anything, as he is already safe.
(d) He has to become a priest.

13. What is wrong with the giant Pagan?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He has a broken leg.
(c) He is crazy.
(d) There is nothing wrong with him.

14. How does Ignorance say he got on the path when he meets Christian?
(a) By always going uphill.
(b) By slaying the dragon.
(c) By taking a shortcut.
(d) By going through the Wicket Gate.

15. What does Christian accidentally leave at the arbor?
(a) His roll.
(b) His silver cross.
(c) His cloak.
(d) His canteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Christian say in response to Hopeful’s comment on Little Faith?

2. Why are Christian and Hopeful confused shortly after talking about Little Faith?

3. What is located at the Lucre Hill?

4. By whom was Faithful beaten?

5. What happens when Christian and Hopeful look on Heaven and Hell with the spyglass?

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