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City of Destruction

This is the hometown of Christian and his family.

Slough of Despair

The first obstacle in the path to the Celestial City is this mire, which sits right before the Wicket Gate.

Wicket Gate

This is the official entrance to the pilgrim path.

House of the Interpreter

This is the half-way point between the Wicket Gate and the House Beautiful.

Hill of Difficulty

This is a very high hill that must be climbed in order to reach the House Beautiful.

House Beautiful

This sits at the top of the Hill of Difficulty and many pilgrims stop there to rest.

Valley of Humiliation

This is described as very beautiful for those who are humble in spirit.

Valley of the Shadow of Death

Christian enters this during the night and is protected by constant prayer.

Gaius's Inn

When Christian's family arrives in Vanity, they are taken here...

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