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Part 1: Pages 1 - 30

• In “The Author’s Apology” which opens Part 1, the author directly addresses the reader and asserts that he hopes he does not offend anyone by using allegory and metaphor to teach and that he hopes that through this work people might find a place with God.

• Part 1 begins with the narrator describing in first person his having fallen into a dream as he “walked through the wilderness of this world” (8).

• The narrative soon turns to third person as the narrator steps outside of the action of the story to relate its events to the reader. However, throughout the novel, the narrator’s first-person observations reappear, often establishing important exposition such as setting and character back-stories.

• Christian, an “everyman” and the protagonist of Part 1, has a revelation of death and hell, but is dismissed by his family as crazy. Christian devotes himself to reading and prayer...

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