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Short Answer Questions

1. What scares Dorian about his portrait, according to Chapter Eleven?

2. What youth does Dorian find in Chapter Sixteen, whom he is said to have corrupted?

3. How long after the incident in Chapter Seventeen does Dorian go hunting?

4. What does Dorian recite at the beginning of Chapter Sixteen?

5. What is impossible for Dorian to do in Chapter Fifteen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the hare in Chapter Eighteen symbolize?

2. Why does Dorian have multiple copies of the yellow book made?

3. In Chapter Nineteen what evidence does Dorian give Lord Henry of his desire to reform himself?

4. Why does Dorian tell Lord Henry in Chapter Eighteen that he wishes he could love?

5. Why does Dorian burn Basil’s belongings in Chapter Fifteen?

6. Compare and contrast Basil and Lord Henry’s views of Dorian.

7. Why does Dorian get angry with Basil in Chapter Thirteen?

8. What does Lord Henry’s credo mean?

9. Why does Dorian swoon and feel chills throughout dinner in Chapter Seventeen?

10. What does Basil wonder about Dorian in Chapter Twelve? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain Lord Henry’s role in The Picture of Dorian Gray. How does he interact with Dorian? How does he interact with other characters in the story? How does he fit into the plot of the story?

Essay Topic 2

Define escapism. What role does escapism play in The Picture of Dorian Gray? What does Dorian seek to escape throughout the story? Is he successful? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Define irony and list the three types. Identify at least one example of each type of irony from the story. Is Wilde’s use of irony effective? Why or why not?

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