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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Create a visual representation of the picture of Dorian Gray shortly before his death.

Dorian Gray on the Silver Screen

Write a summary of the film version of The Picture of Dorian Gray, including its cast.

Missing: Basil Hallward

Create a missing person poster for Basil Hallward.

Sybil in Shakespeare

Create a program for one of Sibyl’s performances in a Shakespeare play.

Dorian's Dinner Party

Plan a dinner party at Dorian’s home. Include a menu and an invitation list that is characteristic of hedonism.

The Bodyguard of the Portrait

Write a scene in which Dorian hires a bodyguard to protect his portrait from the people he thinks will steal it.

The Nuptials of Sibyl Vane

Create a wedding invitation for the wedding of Sibyl and Dorian.

The Plot of James Vane

Create a plan that James Vane could use to seek...

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