The Picture of Dorian Gray Character Descriptions

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Dorian Gray

This character, the protagonist in The Picture of Dorian Gray, is an incredibly handsome, impressionable and wealthy young man. This character curses a portrait of himself.

Lord Henry Wotton

This character is a nobleman who follows the philosophy of “new Hedonism,” which he introduces the protagonist to, playing a key role in the protagonist’s development and corruption.

Basil Hallward

This character is an artist and becomes obsessed with the protagonist after meeting him, and paints a portrait of him that becomes his masterpiece.

Sibyl Vane

This character is a talented actress. The protagonist falls in love with her, but when her love for him compromises her acting skills, he breaks her heart.

James Vane

This character is a sailor who cares deeply for his sister, and is reluctant to go to Australia due to his distrust of his mother’s motives as to his sister...

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