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Preface - Chapter 2

● The Preface is a series of epigrams that summarize Oscar Wilde’s aesthetic philosophy.

● Chapter One opens in the beautiful London home of Basil Hallward. He discusses his latest portrait with Lord Henry Wotton.

● Lord Henry admires the painting and says it is Basil’s greatest work, insisting he put it in an exhibit. Basil refuses, claiming he has put too much of himself in it.

● Basil explains how he came to meet and paint Dorian Gray. Lord Henry remembers when he first heard that name, just as the butler announces that Dorian has arrived. Lord Henry insists on meeting him.

● In Chapter Two, Basil introduces Lord Henry to Dorian, and Dorian asks Lord Henry to stay and talk while Dorian sits for Basil. Basil warns Dorian that Lord Henry is a bad influence, which intrigues Dorian.

● When the portrait is complete, it is beautiful...

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