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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Andy consider himself to be truly American?

2. Where are Andy and B staying?

3. Andy admires people who can use space wisely with what?

4. Today, the target of Andy's consumption habits is what?

5. Why does Andy believe it would be ideal for items in the closet to have expiration dates?

Short Essay Questions

1. About what does B talk?

2. Why does Andy consider himself a true American?

3. What do Andy and B say about socks?

4. Of what is this chapter comprised?

5. How does Andy believe people should live?

6. Who hosts Andy and B? Why does this person become flustered?

7. What does Andy think about pennies?

8. Over what do Andy and B argue?

9. Who does Andy admire? Why?

10. What does Andy say about others' thoughts? What does he think about this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fame has drawbacks and advantages.

Part 1) What are the drawbacks of fame? What are the advantages of fame? How does Andy explain this in his own life?

Part 2) Which is more powerful for Andy, the drawbacks or advantages? How do you know this?

Part 3) How does Andy act when he sees other celebrities? Why does he act this way? How does his behavior compare to how you might act around celebrities? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Andy Warhol's view on money is the same as that of every thing else in his world.

Part 1) What is Andy's view on money? How does this view fit with most everything else in his world?

Part 2) How is Andy able to have such a view on money? How does it affect his life?

Part 3) Is his view of money useful? Is it realistic? How does his view of money compare to your own?

Essay Topic 3

The concept of time can be very ethereal and mystical.

Part 1) How can time be ethereal and mystical? What does Andy think about this concept of time?

Part 2) Why does he enjoy anticipation? How does this reinforce other beliefs of Andy's?

Part 3) What is a conscious choice that people can make regarding their time? How might this affect one's life? How does it affect Andy's life? How does it affect his work?

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