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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Andy think about flying?
(a) He does not like it.
(b) He loves it.
(c) He does not mind it.
(d) He refuses to do it.

2. Would Andy like to seem more human and average?
(a) Probably.
(b) Yes.
(c) Very likely.
(d) No.

3. Over what do Andy and B argue?
(a) Whether or not Elton John always wears wild clothing.
(b) Whether or not Andress is taller or shorter in person than she appears on film.
(c) Whether or not Elizabeth Taylor would marry either one of them.
(d) Whether or not Paul McCartney would sing for them.

4. Why does Andy think B must feel at home in Italy?
(a) Because of B's interest in Italy.
(b) Because of B's ability to speak Italian.
(c) Because of B's dark complexion.
(d) Because of B's Italian descent.

5. Andy is immediately annoyed by the direction of the conversation and tells Damian what?
(a) He does not want to talk about this topic.
(b) Being an artist is just another job.
(c) He would like her to leave.
(d) He would rather not talk to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. A female B calls Andy. Why does Andy know who it is on the other end of the line before Andy picks up the phone?

2. How is Andy no different from most other people?

3. What happens to Andy's attempts to convince Damian and B about the value of nothing?

4. Why does Andy believe it would be ideal for items in the closet to have expiration dates?

5. While people are living their lives what can happen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might he have kept this chapter so short?

2. How does Andy's opinion of death compare to others?

3. Why does Andy not allow his bag to be taken from him at the grocery?

4. What might this chapter symbolize?

5. What is said about Andy's phone conversations?

6. Why does Andy have B order room service?

7. With what about breakfast is Andy delighted?

8. What does Andy believe supermarkets should do?

9. What do B, Damian, and Andy think about the topic of growing wiser with age?

10. How does Andy prefer to carry cash?

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