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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. These from number 117 are proof of what?
(a) Everything has grown more expensive.
(b) A careful person who works, saves receipts, and pays his taxes.
(c) All that a person needs.
(d) Some things can still be purchased for under a dollar.

2. What does Andy feel about change?
(a) It can be very useful.
(b) It is inevitable.
(c) It makes a neat noise.
(d) It can be a burden.

3. While people are living their lives what can happen?
(a) They fed and satisfied in a matter of minutes.
(b) They fall in love quickly.
(c) They are caught up short by death's appearance.
(d) They go from single to married in a matter of moments.

4. What do B and Andy discuss?
(a) The price of underwear.
(b) The need for beauty products to cover blemishes and the fact that the products also cause the blemishes.
(c) The law of diminishing returns regarding socks.
(d) The cost of food.

5. To Andy's way of thinking, people compartmentalize their thoughts into what?
(a) Schools of thought in their minds.
(b) Time lines of thought in their minds.
(c) Condominium-like spaces in their minds.
(d) Lists of things to do in their minds.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does B clean with a special cloth?

2. When B leaves the room for a few minutes, how does Andy feel about being left alone with Damian?

3. Andy recommends that people have tubes installed where?

4. Where are Andy and B staying?

5. The fact that Andy will not relinquish his big bag when shopping at the grocery makes it appear that what is happening?

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