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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Andy's fear prevent him from ever being able to do?
(a) Have a job on television.
(b) Become close to anyone.
(c) What he wants.
(d) Spending money.

2. Fame has what?
(a) Drawbacks and advantages.
(b) Neither drawbacks nor advantages.
(c) Advantages.
(d) Drawbacks.

3. What does Andy find to be the hardest part of fame?
(a) Being lonely.
(b) Signing autographs.
(c) Doing interviews with people from different media.
(d) Greeting fans.

4. When does Andy's attack take place?
(a) In June, 1968.
(b) In June, 1967.
(c) In June, 1966.
(d) In June, 1965.

5. What does Andy recall when he is shot?
(a) Being afraid of his attacker.
(b) Feeling that he is watching the event as opposed to experiencing it.
(c) Feeling a great deal of pain.
(d) Seeing a bright light.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Andy arrives in New York, where does he live?

2. Does Andy believe that a person should change his or her beauty for the sake of changing with trends?

3. Andy feels that the best love is what kind of love?

4. Andy admits to an affair with what?

5. According to Andy, in what courses do elementary school children need to be taught?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Taxi go after New York? What does Andy think of this?

2. Why does Andy believe everyone should take the initiative and point out his or her own personal shortcomings?

3. Describe Andy's childhood.

4. Why is Andy Warhol so popular?

5. Why has Taxi moved to New York? How does she deal with the little money she has?

6. Who is Taxi? What does Andy think of her?

7. Describe Andy's life when he first moves to New York City?

8. Why does Andy regret not having a boss?

9. Why are movies important to Andy?

10. What does Andy say about the times for scheduled meetings?

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