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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a four hundred pound woman with a beautiful face never do?
(a) Look in a mirror to see anything other than her face.
(b) Go outside.
(c) Invite people over.
(d) Look in a mirror.

2. To Andy, why is the idea of fame relative?
(a) There is always someone more famous than you.
(b) Fame comes and goes.
(c) Fame is shallow.
(d) As soon as a person begins to know a famous person, the aura of fame is diminished a little bit.

3. Andy believes that during this time people forget about what?
(a) What matters to them.
(b) What it is like to be normal.
(c) What good art really is.
(d) What true emotions are.

4. Andy's musings about the concept of time range from what?
(a) The somewhat odd to the very strange.
(b) The ridiculus to the insane.
(c) The somewhat practical to the very practical.
(d) The practical to the ridiculous.

5. If Andy had a television show, what would he call it?
(a) Something Special.
(b) Nothingness.
(c) Nothing Special.
(d) Something Strange.

Short Answer Questions

1. Andy also explores the concept of having what?

2. Why should this plan be put into effect for both permanent and short term beauty shortcomings?

3. What would Andy's fear prevent him from ever being able to do?

4. In Andy's case, what does he believe that he is lacking?

5. How does Andy adopt this pattern?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is fame relative?

2. Who is Taxi? What does Andy think of her?

3. What does Andy say about the times for scheduled meetings?

4. What else exemplifies real beauty?

5. Why has Taxi moved to New York? How does she deal with the little money she has?

6. What does Andy believe every person has?

7. How can time be ethereal and mystical?

8. What are the drawbacks and advantages of fame?

9. To what does Andy compare events that happen in people's lives? Give an example.

10. How has Andy received some of his bodily scars?

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