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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Andy believe supermarkets should do?
(a) Buy things back from people.
(b) Sell only what he needs.
(c) Buy back bad meat.
(d) Sell more variety of items.

2. Andy and B spot a number of celebrities in the hotel, including who?
(a) Paul McCartney.
(b) Woody Allen.
(c) Elton John.
(d) Elizabeth Taylor.

3. Andy would like to be where every week?
(a) New York.
(b) Africa.
(c) Europe.
(d) Asia.

4. What do B and Andy discuss?
(a) The need for beauty products to cover blemishes and the fact that the products also cause the blemishes.
(b) The cost of food.
(c) The price of underwear.
(d) The law of diminishing returns regarding socks.

5. While people are living their lives what can happen?
(a) They fed and satisfied in a matter of minutes.
(b) They are caught up short by death's appearance.
(c) They go from single to married in a matter of moments.
(d) They fall in love quickly.

6. Where are Andy and B staying?
(a) At the Hotel Mirabeau in Paris.
(b) At the Hotel Mirabeau in Nice.
(c) At the Hotel Mirabeau in Monte Carlo.
(d) At the Hotel Mirabeau in Marseilles.

7. Arriving at Macy's, by what are Andy and B overwhelmed?
(a) The underwear supply.
(b) The amount of clothing available for purchase.
(c) The big Saturday shopping crowd.
(d) The number of sales persons.

8. These from number 117 are proof of what?
(a) Some things can still be purchased for under a dollar.
(b) All that a person needs.
(c) Everything has grown more expensive.
(d) A careful person who works, saves receipts, and pays his taxes.

9. Almost as much fun for Andy as grocery shopping is what?
(a) Shopping for books and magazines.
(b) Eating his groceries.
(c) Buying for others.
(d) Cooking with his groceries.

10. What does Andy feel that Rome is becoming?
(a) The new New York.
(b) The new Hollywood.
(c) An ancient ruin.
(d) A museum.

11. Why does Andy consider himself to be truly American?
(a) Because he was born in the United States.
(b) Because of his penchant for buying things.
(c) Because of his accent.
(d) Because he is an American artist.

12. Over what do Andy and B argue?
(a) Whether or not Elton John always wears wild clothing.
(b) Whether or not Elizabeth Taylor would marry either one of them.
(c) Whether or not Andress is taller or shorter in person than she appears on film.
(d) Whether or not Paul McCartney would sing for them.

13. Would Andy like to seem more human and average?
(a) Probably.
(b) Very likely.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

14. Andy and B are hosted by what film director?
(a) George Lucas.
(b) Frank Capra.
(c) Franco Rossellini.
(d) Stanley Kubrick.

15. B has a special obsession with garbage and cringes at the thought of what?
(a) It smelling.
(b) Replacing the bag with a new one.
(c) Taking it to the dumpster.
(d) Anyone seeing what she discards.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Andy feel about change?

2. When at home in New York City, why does Andy talk on the phone to many of his B's?

3. What does Andy especially like getting and considers almost as a form of currency?

4. Why is this character flustered?

5. Today, the target of Andy's consumption habits is what?

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