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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why might this chapter be so short?
(a) Perhaps Andy enjoyed the artistic allusion he created here.
(b) Perhaps Andy did not care about the subject matter.
(c) Perhaps Andy wanted to make his book shorter.
(d) Perhaps Andy did not know what to say.

2. Does this last possible reason for the brevity of this chapter make him more human and average?
(a) Probably not.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) Maybe.

3. A female B calls Andy. Why does Andy know who it is on the other end of the line before Andy picks up the phone?
(a) He has caller ID.
(b) He is always hoping it is her calling.
(c) She calls the same time every day.
(d) This B is notorious for calling Andy before he can call her.

4. Andy is tired from the long flight and wishes that he could sleep in the lobby. Why?
(a) The lobby of any hotel is always much nicer than the rooms.
(b) The lobby chairs are comfortable.
(c) He is too tired to go to his room.
(d) He does not want to have to get up.

5. Almost as much fun for Andy as grocery shopping is what?
(a) Buying for others.
(b) Cooking with his groceries.
(c) Shopping for books and magazines.
(d) Eating his groceries.

6. Whose habits does Andy follow?
(a) Pablo Picasso.
(b) Himself.
(c) Truman Capote
(d) Tennessee Williams.

7. As what does the bag function?
(a) A security blanket.
(b) A shopping cart.
(c) A friend.
(d) A purse.

8. What does Andy believe supermarkets should do?
(a) Buy things back from people.
(b) Sell only what he needs.
(c) Buy back bad meat.
(d) Sell more variety of items.

9. In what does Andy delight when walking around the store?
(a) Looking at the shoppers around him.
(b) Looking at all the beautiful things to buy.
(c) Looking at people stare at him.
(d) Looking rich and buying things to store on his bedroom windowsill.

10. When B leaves the room for a few minutes, how does Andy feel about being left alone with Damian?
(a) Sad.
(b) Annoyed.
(c) Very uncomfortable.
(d) Comfortable.

11. With what can Andy not be bothered?
(a) Other people.
(b) Dollar bills.
(c) A wallet.
(d) Pennies.

12. What happens to Andy's attempts to convince Damian and B about the value of nothing?
(a) It becomes valid.
(b) It is ignored.
(c) It falls flat.
(d) It is laughed at.

13. Andy would like to be where every week?
(a) Africa.
(b) Asia.
(c) New York.
(d) Europe.

14. Why is Truman Capote one person Andy respects?
(a) Because Capote is very funny.
(b) Because Capote is so weatlhy.
(c) Because of Capote's brilliant use of words to fill a space with intelligence and quantity.
(d) Because of Capote's interest in Andy's art.

15. Over what do Andy and B argue?
(a) Whether or not Andress is taller or shorter in person than she appears on film.
(b) Whether or not Elton John always wears wild clothing.
(c) Whether or not Elizabeth Taylor would marry either one of them.
(d) Whether or not Paul McCartney would sing for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Damian say about being a celebrity artist?

2. Why does Andy want B to order room service?

3. Is this chapter symbolic?

4. What does Andy feel about change?

5. Why is this character flustered?

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