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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If Andy had a television show, what would he call it?
(a) Nothingness.
(b) Something Strange.
(c) Something Special.
(d) Nothing Special.

2. Why does Andy believe it is preferable to think of nothing?
(a) It is too difficult to think about anything.
(b) It is nothing that is exciting and sexy in this world.
(c) It is less stressful to think of nothing.
(d) No one will be offended or hurt.

3. How does Andy adopt this pattern?
(a) He cancels.
(b) He reschedules.
(c) He arrives at five minutes to one for every ten o'clock appointment.
(d) He arrives early.

4. What do Andy and B say about chocolate-covered cherries?
(a) They should be avoided because they are so fattening.
(b) They are delicious.
(c) They are a strange desert.
(d) The avoidance of chocolate-covered cherries strewn on the floor and what each does if he or she should happen to step on one of the candies.

5. As a young man, Andy strives to learn about love and finds the truest representations where?
(a) In restaurants.
(b) In his friends.
(c) On the streets.
(d) In movies.

6. To what aspect of Andy are entertainment celebrities especially drawn?
(a) His personality.
(b) His art and bohemian lifestyle.
(c) His wealth.
(d) His kindness.

7. What does Andy recall when he is shot?
(a) Feeling that he is watching the event as opposed to experiencing it.
(b) Seeing a bright light.
(c) Feeling a great deal of pain.
(d) Being afraid of his attacker.

8. Whose hands does Andy study?
(a) His girlfriend's.
(b) His neighbor's.
(c) His own.
(d) A waiter's.

9. Why should a person take the initiative and point out his or her own personal shortcomings?
(a) So that another person could leave if he or she did not like the shortcomings.
(b) So that another person will not be allowed the opportunity to offend that person.
(c) So others know what can be expected of this person.
(d) So others can avoid him or her.

10. What would Andy's fear prevent him from ever being able to do?
(a) What he wants.
(b) Have a job on television.
(c) Spending money.
(d) Become close to anyone.

11. What is the art style that Andy establishes which draws even more people and more celebrity to him?
(a) Commercial Art.
(b) Soda Art.
(c) Pop Art.
(d) Modern Art.

12. What else does Taxi hoard?
(a) Andy's work.
(b) Food.
(c) Old brassieres.
(d) Shoes.

13. Why does a woman shoot Andy?
(a) She wants to kill him.
(b) She is afraid he would attack her.
(c) She thinks he is robbing her.
(d) She wants Andy to produce a film script she had written and he rejected the project.

14. Are Andy's movies purely about sex?
(a) Sometimes.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) Mostly.

15. To Andy, why is the idea of fame relative?
(a) There is always someone more famous than you.
(b) As soon as a person begins to know a famous person, the aura of fame is diminished a little bit.
(c) Fame comes and goes.
(d) Fame is shallow.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Andy, in what courses do elementary school children need to be taught?

2. Andy is a firm believer in utilizing what?

3. If children understand early how insignificant _____________ is, they will not be so obsessed with it.

4. Andy applies this philosophy to everything but what?

5. When does Andy realize his true marriage to media?

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