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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom is this basis formed?
(a) Anyone who is not lonely.
(b) Anyone who is happy.
(c) Anyone who can do it successfully.
(d) Anyone who is never angry.

2. What does Andy hope for Taxi?
(a) That her parents will support her.
(b) That she can find happiness.
(c) That she will be successful.
(d) That the singer can take care of Taxi better than Andy could.

3. With what does Taxi struggle?
(a) Being away from her family.
(b) Getting into school.
(c) Becoming an artist.
(d) Life with little money and the comforts she is used to.

4. What does Andy believe about love?
(a) It does not exist.
(b) It is too complicated and involves more work than most people are willing or able to commit to.
(c) It is what he obsesses over.
(d) It is all anyone needs in life.

5. When Andy arrives in New York, where does he live?
(a) In an art commune.
(b) In the YMCA.
(c) In a studio apartment.
(d) In a small one bedroom apartment.

6. What is Taxi's main focus each day?
(a) Getting and hoarding the drugs she will need to support her addictions.
(b) Paying her bills.
(c) Finding places to exhibit her art.
(d) Getting her art work completed.

7. According to Andy, in what courses do elementary school children need to be taught?
(a) Beauty, love and sex.
(b) Math, reading, and writing.
(c) Art, dance, and music.
(d) Science, history, and foreign languages.

8. Why does Andy find his first television set fascinating?
(a) He no longer has to entertain himself.
(b) People on the TV can share their problems with him, making Andy more immune to the problems of his real life acquaintances.
(c) There are shows on at all hours of the day.
(d) It is the most technologically-advanced appliance he owns.

9. When does Andy's attack take place?
(a) In June, 1968.
(b) In June, 1965.
(c) In June, 1967.
(d) In June, 1966.

10. What does Taxi do in regards to fashion statements?
(a) She ignores fashion.
(b) She wishes she could understand fashion.
(c) She makes them readily adapted by the fashion industry.
(d) She stays current with fashion trends.

11. Andy feels that the best love is what kind of love?
(a) Not-to-think-about-it love.
(b) Love-with-all-your-heart love.
(c) True love.
(d) Do-not-do-it love.

12. What else does Taxi hoard?
(a) Shoes.
(b) Food.
(c) Andy's work.
(d) Old brassieres.

13. Andy also explores the concept of having what?
(a) A busy schedule.
(b) Time on your hands.
(c) A great deal of money.
(d) No free time.

14. How does this concept come to Andy?
(a) His friends often do as they wish.
(b) He wastes his time every day.
(c) Businessmen are good at using their time wisely.
(d) He witnesses a funeral in Japan where all the mourners are reveling instead of weeping.

15. What is the largest part of being famous?
(a) The money.
(b) The parties.
(c) The friends.
(d) The mystique of fame and notoriety.

Short Answer Questions

1. Due to what does Andy spend much of a sickly childhood in bed with paper dolls?

2. Does Andy believe that a person should change his or her beauty for the sake of changing with trends?

3. If Andy had not been famous for being Andy Warhol, what does Andy believe would not have happened to him?

4. To what does this discussion of Andy's physical appearance lead?

5. Andy admits to an affair with what?

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