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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Andy believes that the events that happen in people's lives are more like what?
(a) The action in his life.
(b) Watching a play.
(c) Watching TV than the shows presented on television.
(d) Fiction than reality.

2. What nightmare does Andy have?
(a) It is about his involvement in a charity.
(b) It is about New York City.
(c) It is about his art work.
(d) It is about his family.

3. Andy himself tends to be fascinated by people as opposed to what?
(a) Being friends with them.
(b) Being used to them.
(c) Being annoyed by them.
(d) Being in love with anyone.

4. Andy believes that during this time people forget about what?
(a) What good art really is.
(b) What it is like to be normal.
(c) What matters to them.
(d) What true emotions are.

5. Andy's musings about the concept of time range from what?
(a) The practical to the ridiculous.
(b) The somewhat practical to the very practical.
(c) The ridiculus to the insane.
(d) The somewhat odd to the very strange.

6. Does Andy believe that a person should change his or her beauty for the sake of changing with trends?
(a) Usually.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) Sometimes.

7. Why does he find this to be the hardest part?
(a) He does not like to write.
(b) He likes to have close family and friends nearby.
(c) He is nervous around strangers.
(d) These people come to the interview with preconceived ideas of what they are going to publicize about Andy before even speaking with him.

8. What does Andy equate with the first time he, as an adult, sees the movie SNOW WHITE?
(a) The anticipation of love and sex.
(b) The fantasy of love.
(c) The importance of love.
(d) The ignorance of youth.

9. What does Andy hope for Taxi?
(a) That she will be successful.
(b) That her parents will support her.
(c) That she can find happiness.
(d) That the singer can take care of Taxi better than Andy could.

10. What do Andy and B say about chocolate-covered cherries?
(a) They are a strange desert.
(b) They should be avoided because they are so fattening.
(c) They are delicious.
(d) The avoidance of chocolate-covered cherries strewn on the floor and what each does if he or she should happen to step on one of the candies.

11. What does Andy regret not having?
(a) A boss.
(b) A pet.
(c) Friends.
(d) Family.

12. The hardest work for Andy, after being alive, is what?
(a) Making friends.
(b) Making art.
(c) Having sex.
(d) Earning money.

13. If children understand early how insignificant _____________ is, they will not be so obsessed with it.
(a) Life.
(b) Art.
(c) School.
(d) Sex.

14. Why will adults never take this position with their children?
(a) Math, reading, and writing constitute big business.
(b) Beauty, love, and sex constitute big business.
(c) Science, history, and foreign languages constitute big business.
(d) Art, dance, and music constitute big business.

15. Why is popular culture in America a great equalizer in Andy's opinion?
(a) The same products are available to poor people that are available to rich people.
(b) The same products can be made by him.
(c) The same products can be found at multiple locations.
(d) It is necessary in life.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Andy admit about the business at first?

2. Why does Andy believe people act like babies longer than before?

3. Andy ends the conversation by telling B that Andy needs to do what to his hair?

4. Why does Andy have a special fascination with these people?

5. Andy applies this philosophy to everything but what?

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