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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Love (Prime).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Taxi moved to New York City?
(a) To have a better life.
(b) To make more money.
(c) To prove to her family that she can carve out a life on her own.
(d) To meet Andy Warhol.

2. Why does a woman shoot Andy?
(a) She wants to kill him.
(b) She is afraid he would attack her.
(c) She thinks he is robbing her.
(d) She wants Andy to produce a film script she had written and he rejected the project.

3. Why does Andy believe it is preferable to think of nothing?
(a) It is less stressful to think of nothing.
(b) No one will be offended or hurt.
(c) It is nothing that is exciting and sexy in this world.
(d) It is too difficult to think about anything.

4. Why does Andy find his first television set fascinating?
(a) He no longer has to entertain himself.
(b) It is the most technologically-advanced appliance he owns.
(c) There are shows on at all hours of the day.
(d) People on the TV can share their problems with him, making Andy more immune to the problems of his real life acquaintances.

5. When does Andy realize his true marriage to media?
(a) When he purchases a tape recorder.
(b) When he purchases his television.
(c) When he cannot leave his tape recorder at home.
(d) When he purchases a telephone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Andy say about Taxi's hygiene habits?

2. Who is Taxi?

3. Andy ends the conversation by telling B that Andy needs to do what to his hair?

4. How does Taxi adapt to her new life?

5. If Andy had a television show, what would he call it?

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