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Johnson & Johnson cotton ball

Andy uses these to apply alcohol to the pimples that appear periodically on his face.


Andy is obsessed with this and often has more than one running in his room at one time.

Levi Strauss blue jeans

Andy prefers to wear these over any other type of clothing.

The Factory

This is Andy Warhol's art studio located in New York City. It is the location for the mass production of pieces of art and the filming of Warhol's avant garde films.

McKeesport, Pennsylvania

This is Andy Warhol's childhood home.

Charlie McCarthy doll

This is one of Andy's favorite childhood objects.

Tape Recorder

Andy's acquisition of this in the 1960s becomes a major form of impersonal communications for Andy, and Andy often refers to it as his wife.

New York City

Andy is fascinated by this place and moves there when he is eighteen...

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