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Lesson 1 (from B and I: How Andy Puts His Warhol On)


In B and I: How Andy Puts His Warhol On, Andy's fundamental philosophies are established, such as the need for constant companionship, an affected persona, denial of realities and impersonal relationships. This lesson will discuss Andy's fundamental philosophies.


Class Discussion: What takes place in this first chapter? What are Andy's fundamental philosophies?

Small Group Activity: Choose one of his philosophies and discuss it. How is this philosophy established in this chapter? What does this philosophy reveal about Andy? What are your thoughts on this philosophy? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?

Class Discussion: Have each group share their responses to the questions regarding one of Andy's philosophies. Create a graphic organizer listing the philosophy and the responses regarding it. Also, create a KWL chart for Andy, listing what is known about him and what the students would like to know about him...

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