The Philosophy of Andy Warhol Character Descriptions

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This is anyone in Andy Warhol's life who helps Andy kill time by talking.

Andy Warhol

This character is an American graphic artist, painter, and filmmaker who rises to international celebrity in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mr. Vollmer

This character is a New York native and Andy's boss at a department store where Andy works one summer and discovers his fascination with the big city.


This character is a South Carolina debutante who rejects her privileged lifestyle in favor of defining her own life in New York City.

Truman Capote

This character is a noted author, a contemporary and friend of Andy Warhol's.

Franco Rossellini

This character is an Italian film director.

Elizabeth Taylor

This character is an international movie star with whom Andy acts in a movie and who Andy spots while people-watching at the Grand Hotel in Rome.


This character is a friend...

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