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B and I: How Andy Puts His Warhol On

• Andy Warhol is identified as A, and he is calling someone named B; B can be anyone who helps Andy kill time.

• Andy and B discuss Andy's secret ambition to have his own television show entitled Nothing Special.

• The two also talk about starting each day and the avoidance of chocolate-covered cherries strewn on the floor.

• Andy mentions his obsession with the appearance of pimples on his face and describes his routine to treat any outbreaks.

• Andy then tells B about a nightmare Andy had about his involvement in a strange, surreal, charity.

• Andy tells B that it is preferable to think of nothing because it is nothing that is exciting and sexy in this world.
• Andy then mocks his physical appearance by talking, which leads to a short discussion of makeup and bodily scars, some inflicted by gunshot...

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