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Short Answer Questions

1. How do objects achieve identity according to Hegel?

2. Where does Hegel see the opportunity for good to be manifest through the actions of human beings?

3. In Hegel's terminology, what does the term "sensibility" pertain to?

4. According tio Hegel where do psychological laws originate?

5. According to Hegel, what is it that prevents the development of consciousness from producing societal problems?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do laws come from in Hegel's philosophy?

2. What is the difference between "theoretical reason" and "practical reason" in Hegel's terminology?

3. What are the two meanings Hegel gives to the term "independent self-consciousness"?

4. What distinction does the translator Baille draw between "the fact of the matter" and "a matter of fact"?

5. What was the relationship between philosophy and science in Hegel's time?

6. How are notions and reality related according to Hegel's philosophy?

7. What is the "conceit of individuality" and what force counters it according to Hegel's philosophy?

8. How does Hegel define hedonism?

9. What obstacle is there, in Hegel's terminology, to an individual following the law of the heart?

10. How does Hegel define Reason?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hegel uses anatomical metaphors to express his theories, such as his comparison of Sensibility to the nervous system, or Reproduction to the intestinal system. What is the role of the body in Hegel's philosophy, and are his metaphors meant to invoke the body as a constant presence behind Hegel's discussion of Reason and the development of the self-consciousness, or are they merely explanatory metaphors?

Essay Topic 2

According to Hegel, how does the law of the heart affect the individual's development? Analyze the law of the heart and discuss the stages the individual has to pass through when he follows it as well as what transformation(s) result from following it.

Essay Topic 3

Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit" describes the process by which an individual progresses from raw nature to manifested spirit. How is "Phenomenology of Spirit" also an allegory of the rite of passage into adulthood?

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