The Phenomenology of Mind Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What was the relationship between philosophy and science in Hegel's time?

Philosophy led and science took its process and justification from philosophy. Then as time went on the two fields grew together.

2. How does Hegel define determinateness?

Hegel defines determinateness as "the presence of specific qualities that define and distinguish one thing from another."

3. How does Hegel define force?

Hegel defines force as one of the essential qualities of life, and he describes it as the attempt itself to convey understanding from one entity to another.

4. What does Hegel mean by saying that consciousness is relational?

This means that consciousness is predicated on seeing the self within a world of entities that are not the self, and that the self is defined by its relations with things, with itself, and with itself as a thing.

5. How does Hegel define the relationship between the lord and the servant?

Hegel says that lord and servant both seek self-certainty of consciousness. When the servant is fulfilled by his work, the relationship is acceptable. The lord is fulfilled by the subordination and submission of servants who act out the lord's will.

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