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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Observation as a Process of Reason: Observation of Nature.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the double consciousness unify according to Hegel's philosophy?
(a) By transcending the physical.
(b) By embracing the divine.
(c) By submission of the body to the spirit.
(d) Through mediation and transformation.

2. Observation functions with regard to what in Hegel's philosophy?
(a) Life and Death.
(b) Past and present.
(c) Nature and Mind.
(d) History and Spirit.

3. What development does Hegel explain in "Perception, Thing and Deceptiveness"?
(a) The development of the scientific consciousness.
(b) The development of religious consciousness.
(c) The development of the natural consciousness.
(d) The development of historical consciousness.

4. According to Hegel, why is even a killer dissatisfied with the self-certainty that comes from killing another person?
(a) Because the dead are never removed from the consciousness of the killer.
(b) Because even the final act of murder does not put one in touch with unconscious feelings.
(c) Because the act of murder is only a beginning and has to be repeated ritually.
(d) Because some acts cannot be brought into the light.

5. What do both parts of a lordship/bondage relationship seek in Hegel's philosophy?
(a) Dominance.
(b) Self-certainty of consciousness.
(c) The elimination of the other.
(d) Equilibrium.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hegel describe the self?

2. What does "the concrete" have in Hegel's account?

3. How does Hegel describe force?

4. What does Hegel explain in the introduction of The Phenomenology of Mind?

5. What is the result of force in Hegel's philosophy?

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