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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Observation of the Relation of Self-Consciousness to Its Immediate Actuality- Physiognomy and Phrenology.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hegel define "irritability"?
(a) As an organism's ability to act out.
(b) As a the consequence of reconciliation.
(c) As a constant in conscious life.
(d) As a failure of reflection.

2. How does Hegel describe force?
(a) Force is an eternal power in the world.
(b) Force is a human power to be used against nature.
(c) Force is an attempt to transfer understanding.
(d) Force is impersonal, natural, and divine.

3. What is the relationship between phrenology, physiognomy, and cranioscopy according to Hegel?
(a) They all represent sciences that have evolved closer to conciousness.
(b) They all address the problem of embodiment of self-consciousness.
(c) They are all evidence of different kinds of scientific thinking.
(d) They are all forms of self-measurement and self-reflection.

4. According to Hegel, self-consciousness is aware of itself relative to what?
(a) Infant fulfillment and abstract promises.
(b) Objects and universals.
(c) Conscience and desire.
(d) Desire and loss.

5. What is it that expresses both the individual and inner reality, in Hegel's view?
(a) Conflict within the self.
(b) Physical form.
(c) Self-reflection.
(d) Action.

Short Answer Questions

1. What rejection does the uniqueness of a self require according to Hegel?

2. What does Hegel mean by "concrete"?

3. What did cranioscopy examine?

4. What does "the concrete" have in Hegel's account?

5. How does Hegel classify desires?

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