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Do be do be do

A wise bumper sticker once said "To do is to be--Socrates; to be is to do--Plato; Do be do be do--Frank Sinatra." What would Hegel's bumper sticker say?

Spoofing Hegel

Write a spoof of Hegel, a mock philosophy that twists Hegel's meanings or twists his intentions.

Advertising Hegel

Hegel is notoriously difficult to read--how would you advertise his works to readers who might not be anxious to read them?

Phenomenology of Spirit the musical

Compose songs and dances for the musical version of Phenomenology of Spirit.

Hegel Facebook

What would Hegel's Facebook page look like? Who would his friends be?

Hegel's dog

What kind of dog would Hegel have? A purebred dog meant for a purpose, or a mixed-breed dog?

Dressing Hegel

Bring in some pictures of the kinds of clothing people were wearing in Berlin in the 1830s.

Hegel and technological age

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