The Phenomenology of Mind Character Descriptions

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G. W. F. Hegel - This person is the author of the philosophical treatise: The Phenomenology of Mind.

J. B. Baille - This person is the translator of this philosophical treatise.

Zeus - This god of ancient Greece, during the era of Greek city-states, is mentioned late in the text during Hegel's discourse on religion.

Lavater - This person was one of the most famous proponents of physiogny in England and Germany circa 1800.

George II - When this person was on the throne of England, one of his public policies was to restrict knowledge or information regarding the science, or pseudo-science, of physiogny within England.

Antonines - This person ruled Rome during a time when the Romans made great gains in terms of the creation and use of jurisprudence and written laws.

Lichtenburg - This man wrote a book which Hegel both read and used as a...

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