The Phenomenology of Mind Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Consciousness: Sense Certainty: This, and Meaning | Perception, Thing and Deceptiveness

• Hegel describes how science takes its cues from philosophy as a method of knowing human experience.

• The self knows itself as the observer but also as the thing observed.

Force and Understanding; Appearance | The Truth Which Conscious Certainty of Self Realizes

• Hegel describes how understanding is delivered from one entity to another by force, and self-consciousness is the basis for understanding.

• The self-consciousness knows itself in Hegel's philosophy by its relations to other things and to itself.

Independence and Dependence of Self-Consciousness | Freedom of Self-Consciousness: Stoicism & Scepticism: The Unhappy Consciousness

• Hegel describes how masters fulfill themselves in the servants' submission and the servants in their work itself.

• According to Hegel, consciousness is not a happy experience, but it can become happy if the self seeks itself through struggle to attain self-consciousness and Reason.

Free Concrete Mind: Reason, Reason's Certainty and Reason's Truth

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