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Gaston Leroux
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose dressing room do the girls from the corps de ballet enter?
(a) La Carlotta’s.
(b) La Sorelli’s.
(c) Meg Giry’s.
(d) Christine’s.

2. What does Meg think about Christine’s singing?
(a) She has always been wonderful.
(b) She has always been awful.
(c) She’ll be great in six months if she keeps practicing.
(d) She was terrible until six months ago.

3. Who points Raoul and Christine in the right direction?
(a) Madame Giry.
(b) Meg.
(c) The Persian.
(d) Erik.

4. What does Christine’s letter say to Raoul?
(a) She tells him to meet her later.
(b) She doesn’t write to him.
(c) She tells him to leave her alone.
(d) She tells him to go away.

5. What disaster occurs in Chapter 7?
(a) The chandelier falls.
(b) Christine disappears.
(c) Buquet dies.
(d) Madame Giry is fired.

6. What kind of sweets does the ghost leave for Madame Giry?
(a) Chocolates.
(b) English sweets.
(c) Peppermints.
(d) Arabian sweets.

7. What does Richard think he sees?
(a) A death’s head.
(b) Raoul.
(c) Christine.
(d) Madame Giry.

8. What do the managers think is funny about Madame Giry’s interactions with the ghost?
(a) He calls her Madame Jules
(b) He asks her for a footstool.
(c) He pays her so little
(d) He leaves her candies.

9. What does the voice tell Christine?
(a) To keep practicing.
(b) To follow him.
(c) To ignore Raoul.
(d) To love him.

10. Who helped convince Christine that Erik was the Angel?
(a) Professor Valerius.
(b) Raoul.
(c) Madame Valerius.
(d) Her father.

11. Where does Erik’s voice come from?
(a) The mirror.
(b) The letter.
(c) The door.
(d) The walls.

12. What was Madame Giry’s advice to Joseph Buquet?
(a) To change the scenes.
(b) To mind his own business.
(c) To find the ghost.
(d) To investigate further.

13. Where did she lose it?
(a) On stage.
(b) On the roof.
(c) At Madame Valerius’s house.
(d) In the cellars.

14. What does Christine give to Raoul in Chapter 11?
(a) A wedding.
(b) A secret engagement.
(c) A kiss.
(d) A slap.

15. Which girl is most convinced she saw the ghost?
(a) Christine.
(b) La Sorelli.
(c) La Carlotta.
(d) Jammes

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Joseph Buquet’s job?

2. What do the old managers suggest the new managers change?

3. Where does the Phantom sleep?

4. How long does Christine have left before Erik takes her back?

5. Whose place does Christine take in the opera?

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