The Phantom of the Opera Short Essay - Answer Key

Gaston Leroux
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1. What is one explanation people have given for the Opera Ghost in the past?

That he was an invention and just a superstition.

2. What does the General ask Laroux to do?

Publish what he’s discovered.

3. What is strange about the narration in the prologue?

It appears to be real because the narrator takes the author’s name.

4. Why are Debienne and Poligny leaving?

They are retiring from their posts at the opera house.

5. How does Buquet describe the Opera Ghost?

He has skin like yellow parchment and no nose.

6. What happens to Christine after she sings?

She faints and is taken back to her dressing room, where Raoul comes to see her.

7. What is suspicious about the man’s voice in her dressing room?

Nobody leaves with her and, when Raoul looks later, there is nobody there.

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