The Phantom of the Opera Fun Activities

Gaston Leroux
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Create a program for one of the operas in which Christine stars in “Phantom”.


Make your own Wikipedia page for the Opera House. What characterizes it? What would/does it look like today?


Recreate one of the ‘relics’ from the auction that the musical or the movie uses.

Job Descriptions

Write a job posting for the position of manager at the opera.

Rule Book

Create the rule book for the managers mentioned in the book. What must they do? What is forbidden?


Make a timeline of Erik’s life, as the book describes it.


Make a diorama that depicts the Phantom’s house. Pick out the most important features from the text and illustrate them using this diorama.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule containing items from the Opera in this period. What would we find? How would we explain what we found...

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