The Phantom of the Opera Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Gaston Leroux
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Essay Topic 1

The chapters of the book all have particular titles. Why might this be the case? How are they significant, and how do they help – or hinder – the reader?

Essay Topic 2

The title of the book, “The Phantom of the Opera” uses the term “phantom,” which does not appear anywhere else in the book. What are the possible meanings of this title? Why might Leroux have chosen the word “Phantom” to describe Erik, rather than something else?

Essay Topic 3

Christine seems to be trapped throughout the book. What choices were available to her? To what extent are her misfortunes her own fault?

Essay Topic 4

Leroux leaves the novel on a deliberately ambiguous note. If the novel were to continue, what would the next chapter look like? Use the epilogue as the basis for your fictionalized version.

Essay Topic 5

There are several real-life elements from the book that...

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