The Phantom of the Opera Character Descriptions

Gaston Leroux
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The Phantom

Never referred to as the Phantom throughout the book, this character is known as the Opera Ghost, the Angel of Music, or Erik. Thought by many to be a supernatural creature, rumors of the Phantom are widely circulated throughout the opera house. However, Erik is just a man, who was born looking like death’s head, with flesh that appears to decay from his face. As a child, he was put into the circus/traveling fair, and went around the world, where he honed his skills of manipulation and apparent magic. Rescued by the Persian from certain death, he then came back to France to work on the Opera House, into which he installed many tricks and traps he could use for his own advantage. Although cold-blooded in some ways, Erik is also a talented musician, and a very lonely man, who just wants to be...

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