The Phantom of the Opera Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gaston Leroux
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• Leroux begins the prologue by writing that the Opera Ghost was real, and not a figment of the imagination.

• He notes that through the story, we will learn about the kidnapping of Daae, the death of the Count de Chagny and the disappearance of the Viscount de Chagny.

• Leroux then gives evidence, including Moncharmin, the former manager’s, memoirs, in which he writes of the ‘magic envelope’ connected with the Ghost.

• In addition, he has spoken with a man known just as the Persian, who personally knew the ghost.

• Leroux has also received a letter from a General, urging him to publish the book.

• Finally, Leroux notes that the corpse of the Opera Ghost was finally found in the vaults of the Opera House.

Chapter 1

• The managers of the Opera, Debienne and Poligny, are about to retire.

• Girls from the corps de ballet enter a principal ballerina...

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